Clarcat Gijón

We facilitate the improvement of processes through cloud solutions and data analytics

Clarcat Gijón

Specialized services

Clarcat has been applying its effort, experience and willingness to provide our customers with the highest added value with rigor and efficiency for more than 10 years.

Application Development

We incorporate tools and methodologies for the automation of the entirety of the application’s life cycle, from the analysis of implantation strategies to the management of any initial changes.

We help organisations to quickly adapt to changes in the business, we use progressive and efficient business development methodologies and we implant trial methods and monitor efficiency.

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Big Data

We design and create Big data solutions with Hadoop infrastructures, highly scalable open-source tools and low processing budgets.

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Business Process Optimization

The integration of digital tools to eliminate redundancies and optimize a businesses’ operations.

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Our clients

Since our inception we have been committed to our customers offering a service of value to both parties.

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Clarcat Gijón

Av. Los Campones, 75 – 3º
Edificio Fundación Laboral de la Construcción

33211 Gijón

Phone: +34 902 870 010

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