Health Service

Interoperability improves the patients’ service

Leaders in health solutions

The vast differences in the systems and data infrastructures both large corporations and the public administration use, coupled with the need to exchange information between these different systems has led to the need to develop an interoperable, common platform.

It is from the need to maintain the different information systems from several providers and establish a universal framework that the aforementioned interoperable platforms arise.

Our team is backed up by vast knowledge and experience in developing and installing, with various tools, the messaging services needed in the health services sector.

Specialised services for the health services sector

Installation of Territorial Networks


We implant and design information sharing mechanisms, interfaces and methodologies so that different parts of a single organisation may share the processes and data simultaneously.

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Application Development

We incorporate tools and methodologies for the automation of the entirety of the application’s life cycle, from the analysis of implantation strategies to the management of any initial changes.

We help organisations to quickly adapt to changes in the business, we use progressive and efficient business development methodologies and we implant trial methods and monitor efficiency.

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Our solutions for the health services sector

We have the experience and capabilities to design and install territorial networks

Java EE

Java EE

Mobile first web developments of great reliability and performance.

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Integration bus specialised in the health services field

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Our clients in the health services sector

We have participated in the defining of the “Shared clinical records project of Catalunya”