Tourism is one of the fields that has been radically transformed by the digital revolution

Digital solutions for the Tourist sector

The large number of mediation systems in this sector have led to an increase in innovation and the creation of new business models, revolutionising digital solutions in Tourism. The arrival of the internet coupled with the appearance of social networks has made the latter two indispensable elements in the field.

Tourism is one of the economic sectors that heavily relies on communications systems, both in transactions and the processing of information.

Services specialised in the tourist sector

Consultancy and development of customized solutions

Digital Transformation

We design digital strategies to increase the value and efficiency of companies’ digital assets.

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Application Development

We incorporate tools and methodologies for the automation of the entirety of the application’s life cycle, from the analysis of implantation strategies to the management of any initial changes.

We help organisations to quickly adapt to changes in the business, we use progressive and efficient business development methodologies and we implant trial methods and monitor efficiency.

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Application Management Services

We offer our clients the possibility to externalise the management of applications with a fixed price and a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We possess multidisciplinary Java, .net, PHP and Cobol teams and assist with the most extended BI systems such as Business Object or Micro Strategy. We implement digital solutions through infrastructures amongst which are Liferay, Drupal, SharePoint or WordPress.

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Our solutions for the tourist sector

We offer customized solutions or integration of applications. Ample experience with Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, WebServices, etc.

Java EE

Java EE

Mobile first web developments of great reliability and performance.

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Liferay is an ECM leader in the current market, allowing for the integration of Portals and Intranets through pre-configured portlets in a short time span

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Our clients in the tourist sector

Clarcat retains more than 10 years of experience in the tourist sector


We mention some of our successful projects in the tourist sector