Hadoop has become the new paradigm in parallel computing architecture. Cloudera is the quickest, easiest to use and safest of the Apache Hadoop platforms capable of solving complex data problems.

Make your business grow from data

Based on open-code software and standards, the Cloudera platform provides enhanced management of data.

Quality information leads to success, aiding customer relations and materialising the value of useful data.

Cloudera allows the addition of security, control and management functions to the Hadoop architecture to establish a robust and reliable business solution.

Make your business grow from data

Data analytics at a reduced cost

Data stored in a centralised, safe and controlled place where all members of the organisation can access it at anytime, anywhere

Scalability: Modernise the architecture of data by transforming it into EDH
Reliability: Main distribution of Apache Hadoop with excellent efficiency and low cost
Enterprise: Allows for easy management of complex and constantly changing Hadoop architectures
Open: Cloudera is the main contributor to Hadoops code repository, maintaining licenses and the benefits of Open source

Successful cases

Treatment of large columes of information