Interoperability between health services

Integration bus specialised around the health sector

Mirth provides a solution for the integration of systems. It is specifically focused on the health services sector. For this purpose it includes HL7 messaging of port connections to physical hardware which show information about patients.

Mirth allows for the creation of a centralised information repository where you can standardise all the diverse information from patients, carrying out all the different communications and transformations between systems to obtain a coherent ensemble of information.

Integration bus specialised around the health sector

Environments with diverse systems that need the transformation of messaging

Mirth supports a large range of systems and messaging sources in its native from. It also has the correct tools for the translation and standardisation of information

Rapid creation of interfaces: it has connector for a large number of easy to implement systems
Affordable: it has an open source solution with different types of licensing depending on the need
Centralisation of information: all medical data is converted into useful and analysable information
Monitoring of communications: it incorporates the tools needed to supervise the information channel