Try and answer the question: How much am I going to sell next week?

We implant customised solutions with the best CRM in the world

Current Cloud-based platforms for the management of client relations are made for immediate use, adapting production costs to current needs without oversizing. They keep maintenance costs low and include all the necessary infrastructure such as security copies, for example.

Businesses have trouble finding an accurate projection of sales. To establish the number of sales at real-time is practically impossible. The use of tools like CRM in Cloud let one manage all selling opportunities, establishing priorities and assigning resources to those nearing closure.

Salesforce loads information on the products consumed by clients and, with the help of its analytics module, makes groups ready to be assigned to a commercial team.

Salesforce incorporates online analysis of social media which indicates the reputation a service or product has online, integrating these analyses with customer services boosting customer satisfaction and resolving complaints.

Salesforce is a cloud development platform that allows for the agile creation of new functionalities and services to enhance the organisation’s response capability.

We implant customised solutions with the best CRM in the world

Specifically designed to achieve rapid results

Salesforce can be implemented in record time, incorporating all the aspects of the digital environment into our CRM

Digital channel: CRM integrated in the digital era
Mobile first: Salesforce is visible on any device without any additional development
Evolution: Salesforce publishes new versions periodically, which are highly integrated in the solution
Immediate: Salesforce has an incredible amount of ready to use applications within its platform