Integral management of internal services with a reduced infrastructure cost

Reliable and flexible Cloud management platform

The current service desk infrastructures are based on static paradigms which have a varying configuration capacity but are still limited to a type of IT service previous to Cloud or hybrid models.

The evolution of said systems is a slow patching process that takes away from the real objective: to provide transparency and combine the management processes of all internal services. In many cases, service desks are only created for IT management, side-lining the internal relations services which in many cases aren’t given as much significance.

ServiceNow focuses on the evolution of the service, its reliability and the security of data.

Its flexibility allows it to model not only TIC processes but those from any department of the organisation. ServiceNow replaces a world of small, outdated applications that model ultra-specific services. It opens up all areas and unifies all communications.

Service Now’s Cloud platform has multiple Data Centers with a replication rate that more than doubles that of leading Cloud platforms, guaranteeing continuous, uninterrupted service.

The security of the data is guaranteed with the correct philosophies and methods, covering everything from independent virtual environments to totally encrypted communication lines.

ServiceNow provides a platform to model and upgrade processes to improve the organisation’s efficiency, to exploit resources as much as possible and to centralise management.

Reliable and flexible Cloud management platform

For organisations that look for flexibility and evolution in processes

ServiceNow allows for the modelling and tracking of processes

Corporative discipline: communications are centralised and standardised, repetitions, shortcuts and disparities eliminated from the service
Common register: All petitions and loads monitored and registered in one place
Costs of Cloud: The costs are for the operations, not for the infrastructure. There are no acclimatisation periods or investments in infrastructure should an expansion of the tool be needed
Dynamic: the processes change and improve with use, enhancing performance without the tool posing any problems