Clarcat provides all the services that will allow you to start-up your Asterisk switchboard and make the most out of it.

All-round solutions for voice services

Asterisk is an Open source VoIP, Voice IP and IP telephony solution under GPL licensing that acts as a PBX telephone switchboard or call centre. This solution lets you install a Free PBX interface from which to manage all functions included in the service with relative ease. With Asterisk the switchboard is no longer an inaccessible black box enabling one to manage telephone operations easily.


Asterisk is a comprehensive solution that enables capabilities such as:

  • Automatic IVR operator
  • Personalised voicemail with e-mail functions
  • Conferences
  • Management of calling queues
  • Automatic and programmable answerphone
  • Flexible distribution of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Scalability of telephone lines and extensions
  • Use of traditional telephone services and Voice IP
  • Receiving and redirecting of fax
  • Integration of fixed telephones, mobiles and fax
  • Integration of telephone services with data networks and IT applications


Clarcat provides all the services that will allow you to put your Asterisk switchboard into place and gain the most out of it:

  • Designing of the Asterisk configuration for the switchboard, call centre, telephones and softphones that is best adapted to your needs.
  • Installation, configuration and tuning.
  • Support, maintenance and training.
  • Installation of Asterisk communication software such as elastix or trixbox.
All-round solutions for voice services

Advanced voice and telephone services

For a reasonable price, Asterisk provides a scalable and extensive solution that covers any telephone-related need

High flexibility: from small offices to large corporative sites
Total scalability: it isn’t necessary to pay extortionate amounts for modules to increase the switchboard’s capacity
Easy integration with IT environments. For example a CRM with traditional switchboards
Total integration between traditional telephone capabilities and voice IP VoIP
Software modules are available to enhance capabilities
Programmable: one can add new utilities according to your needs

Success stories

Asterisk allows Clarcat to provide everything from simple swithboarding services to all-round, comprehensive communication and CRM services