Clarcat uses Tableau for the analysis of data due to its good integration and connection capabilities and its productivity

With Tableau, Clarcat eases and boosts data analysis

As experts in data mining and the analysis of data, Clarcat has chosen Tableau as their tool for the making of analyses. Tableau enables the creation of advanced analyses in record times. Tableau’s graphics and demonstrations are very visual and instantly create an impact, without the need to carry out further developments.

Clarcat can generate control panels with smart control of the interactions between different KPI’s and a high drill-down rate.

Clarcat can also create corporative solutions for the flexible and efficient distribution of analyses and reports.

Tableau allows us to integrate all our clients’ data sources without the use of complex infrastructures through direct connection to information systems or existing data-warehouses without the need of Cloud systems or external developments. Thanks to this we can include in our analyses data sources such as web statistics.

With Tableau, Clarcat eases and boosts data analysis

Organisations with the need to find out what their data truly means

Tableau enables powerful and extremely flexible analyses without the need for large installations or the replacement of already installed DW systems

Connectivity: Tableau connects to most systems, including all Cloud services
Power: Tableau incorporates easy to use mathematic analysis and statistics capabilities
Ubiquity: Tableau runs independently allowing its use at any stage of the data treatment process, without changing any existing set-up
Useful: Tableau lets one make a simple analysis as well as extremely complex control centres

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We analyse data and interpret it with Tableau